The first COFFEE GRINDER THAT GRIND BY WEIGHT, with Double Clump Crusher system and temperature control, for a consistent result in every cup.

Intelligent weighing system

With Grindie you get the dose with the only parameter that guarantees consistency: weight. Thanks to our intelligent, integrated weighing scale, with continuous weighting and patentend self-learning system, accuracy is real.

Double Clump Crusher System

Clumping is a real nightmare for those looking for the perfect extraction. With the new Grindie Double Clump Crusher system you will always get a uniform ground, solving every channeling problem once and for all.

Touch screen with user profiles

With Grindie, you can lock all settings you’ve chosen with your personal user password. Thus, nobody will be able to alter them unintentionally, and you’ll be sure of a constant result in cup.

Noise absorption system

From now on, the annoyance of a noisy coffee grinder will no longer break the atmosphere of your shop: we have soundproofed our machines to keep quiet, whatever your style.

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The coffee machine is not enough to get the most out of your blend…


Automatic identification of single/double/naked portafilter

Guided cleaning process and automatic zero

Temperature control and cooling system

USB interface for data download and firmware upgrade

Universally adjustable bracket, for all kinds of portafilters

Innovative design for easy maintenance

Automatic anti-block system for motor and grind burrs

Red speed titanium coated burrs

Why do we say that Grindie will help you getting the best result in cup with consistency over time? Because it turns variables into constants.