We believe that being business partners doesn’t mean selling you products and then forgetting about you until the next order.

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What are the advantages of becoming a Grindie partner?

Often the dealer must take all risks of selling a product.

If you are an equipment distributor you know what we mean: you buy the product, then you have to make do to sell it by yourself, with all that that entails (promoting it, finding interested customers, managing inventory, etc.)

We believe that being a partner means working together, so we thought of a proposal to help sell our products in your area and you can download it immediately by entering your email below.

In a nutshell, every time you place an order of our coffee grinders, you will get available an advertising budget that we will use in your area to promote them. We’ll take care of designing social marketing campaigns on Facebook and Google, and you’ll get interested customers.

But that’s not all! Each of your customers, who purchase a Grindie machine, receives access to our training portal, an online reserved area where there are all the video tutorials you need to use the coffee grinder correctly, and do maintenance.  Thus, you don’t have to waste time after selling in training your customers and their staff.

Not bad, right?

With other companies

  • Buy the product and you don’t have marketing support

  • You have to spend in advertising for every product in your catalogue

  • Every manufacturer wants you to sell their products but you have to do it by yourself

  • You need to train your customers to use the equipment, investing your time without being paid

Push Strategy

With Grindie

  • If you become a Grindie partner we’ll take care of doing the marketing

  • Depending on your order we advertise in your area by indicating your company as a contact

  • We keep you updated on all editorial initiatives

  • Customers who purchase Grindie will receive a series of training tutorials with instructions for use and maintenance

Pull Strategy

We advertise in your area and you maximize your efforts