What features do you look for when choosing a coffee grinder?

Discover the 6 key points to have a consistent result in EVERY CUP

It doesn’t make sense choose the best coffee machine without giving proper attention to the coffee grinder.

Here's what will you discover...

On demand o volumetric?
What are the main differences between these two models and which one is the right choice for your case

Why grinding by weight and not by time.
Find out how to avoid calibrating the grinder each time you adjust granulometry

The importance of temperature control.
How to extract the maximum of aromas with a correct management of grinding temperature.

Cleaning  every day is a mission impossible… or not?
If the cleaning process is not easy to do it will affect your result in the cup. How an easier cleaning procedure can drastically improve your coffees.

Clumping and channelling 
The hidden enemies of the espresso. How to avoid them and prevent under-extracted coffee.

And more tips that will help you create the right set up in your coffee shop

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