Do you want to stop throwing away coffee
and get the best and consistent result in every cup?

Do you want to stop throwing away coffee and get the best and consistent result in every cup?

grindie solo

The first PROFESSIONAL COFFEE GRINDER THAT GRINDS BY WEIGHT, with +/- 0,1 grams precision, Consistent. Precise. Reliable.

Why Solo is your perfect partner


Intelligent weighing system | +-0,1gr accuracy

With Grindie you get the dose with the only parameter that guarantees consistency: weight. Thanks to our intelligent, integrated weighing scale, with continuous weighting and patentend self-learning system, accuracy is real.


Double Clump Crusher

Clumping is a real nightmare for those looking for the perfect extraction. With the new Grindie Double Clump Crusher system you will always get a uniform ground, solving every channeling problem once and for all.


the fastest portafilter recognition on the market

You don’t need to worry about selecting the dose before grinding. In less than 1 second, SOLO recognizes your portafilter, whether single, double or naked, and starts grinding the dose you set for it.


Noise absorption

From now on, the annoyance of a noisy coffee grinder will no longer break the atmosphere of your shop: we have soundproofed our machines to keep quiet, whatever your style.

Discover how Grindie Solo can improve your productivity

Less settings, less time and less wasted coffee

With Grindie, everything is simpler. You don’t have to waste time calculating which grind time corresponds to the weight of the dose you want.

Simply insert the coffee, choose the granularity, set the weight of your dose, and get to work.

Fewer service interventions

Grindie Solo is designed for those who want a reliable partner for the everyday work. The simple design allows for easy and quick cleaning, ensuring smooth operation.

Our grinders are working tirelessly even in coffee shops where 700/800 coffees are made per day. Working with reliable machines and without stopping for maintenance is priceless.

What people said about Grindie

Roman Kanbarov

Renoir Caffee – Russia

“We tested the Grindie. We compared it to its most famous direct competitor: Grindie grind speed is faster, scale is more accurate and grind quality is more uniform. The espresso body is better. You have created a great product. Also it is quieter! Low noise. What I like the most is that Grindie allowed our customers to extract new flavors from their standard average coffee beans.”

Lucas Sam

Coffeelin – Hong Kong

“We understand that Grindie is one of the first “grind by weight” coffee grinder on the market. It is very good in terms of efficiency for new start up coffee shop like us. On top of that, its very handy and easy to manage by our baristas, but at the same time, the model is also supporting us the stability in terms of quality. Last but not least, the most impressive part of Grindie is the “Silence” of grinding process, so no matter how busy we are, we can still provide a quiet and chilling vibes to our customers.”

Florian Von Loesch

Tazzarossa – Svizzera

“Few days ago I sold the first SOLO to a new customer.
He visited us to talk about a new machine (of course he found a model he likes) and could see us preparing coffee con il Grindie SOLO.
Without any discussion he decided to buy the SOLO and after few days he said: we cannot imagine to grind anymore with a standard grinder”

Antonio Biscotti

Il Griso – Italia

“I think SOLO is a grinder that gives you the peacefulness you couldn’t have with traditional grinders. I don’t just get a fresh ground coffee, but most important it preserves all the aromas of my blends.

Moreover, it’s the most reliable grinder I ever tried in terms of consistency…I always have the same result in cup.

I love the fact of grinding instantly, and getting exactly the grams I asked in settings. This facilitates your work a lot, always giving excellent results. I think SOLO is suitable for all those professionals who want to get the best from their products.”

Pierpaolo Meneguolo

Caffè Diemme – Italia

“The Grindie SOLO presents itself from the first appearance with a different look compared to most of its competitors and certainly stands out. In the grinding we found an excellent distribution in the basket but also in the ground itself, the product spillage is very clean. We have never found the presence of clumping and this is certainly an added value.
The time taken to obtain the tare is excellent and overall the time taken to carry out a double grinding is acceptable (in order to obtain 16 g, the time fluctuated between 6 -7.5 sec) comparing it to similar products. The precision in the doses is very positive, we recorded maximum deviations of 0.1g and in a few cases 0.2g, comparing each time with the external Acaia Lunar scale.”

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