Everyday, millions of espresso coffees are prepared, the majority of them without expressing all potentialities of the blend.

This happens because many variables occur during the realisation of a coffee, mainly…

  • Raw material
  • Roasting
  • Grinding
  • Extraction
  • User experience
  • …each of these elements, in turn, develops itself in further under-variables…

    For example, grinding process implies:


    • Ambient temperature
    • Espresso temperature
    • Humidity
    • Particle size
    • Right dose of ground coffee on portafilter

    This said, what can you do to obtain the best result in cup and keep excellence over time?

    We at Grindie have tried to answer this question. The more variables will be kept under control, the more consistent the result will be in the cup. And this is the philosophy that guides Grindie.

    In order to control the greatest quantity of variables during the grinding process, we focused our attention in 4 specific areas:


    User Experience



    Technical Area

    Weighing system:the only parameter that can assure you the measurement of the dose is WEIGHT. With Grindie, you set the desired dose for each portafilter just once, then the grinder will work for you with an accuracy of ± 0.1 gr. Any calculation error is eliminated, and the self-learning system will maintain consistent precision over time

    Automatic recognition of portafilter: to avoid any human error, Grindie does the job for you. You place the portafilter on the bracket and the grinder starts dispensing the pre-set dose

    Temperature control:  To safeguard coffee flavours as much as possible, our machines work at a controlled temperature, avoiding overheating of ground coffee

    Automatic micrometric grind burrs adjustment  For maximum control, you can adjust the burrs by varying distance of 0.01 mm at a time

    Red speed titanium coated burrs consistency of result in grinding means reliability, and to make our grinders reliable we used Red Speed titanium.

    User Experience

    Every aspect of our equipment has been designed to facilitate use and avoid human error.

    Quick Start: we know how boring and ineffective the instruction manuals are, so we have implemented a quick guide in our machines. At the first swith-on, the essential procedures to put the coffee grinder in working condition will be indicated step by step: language choice, load cell calibration, filter tare register and user password creation.

    User profile: one of the recurring problems when there are more operators is that everyone wants to adjust the machine in its own way. This is why we developed Grindie’s firmware on 3 levels: factory, configuration and operator. Once all parameters are set, these are protected with passwords and only password owner can do changes.

    Guided procedure for cleaning: ordinary cleaning plays a fundamental role to have a precise and constant result in coffee grinding. But cleaning is often skipped when it is cumbersome. It is important too to ensure that the procedures are performed correctly, regardless of the operator who does them. This is why we have equipped our firmware with a guided cleaning procedure that, step by step, leads you to have the machine in perfect conditions everyday.

    Design for simplified maintenance:  outine maintenance must be simple to do. Our Grindie has been designed to let the operator do all ordinary operations without opening the grinder body.

    Sound absorption:  an extremely important aspect is to keep the environment of your shop calm, so that your customers can enjoy a pleasant atmosphere. This is why Grindie grinders have been built to reduce vibration and noise as much as possible.

    Alarms: to help you keep your Grindie always in excellent working conditions we have equipped it with over 20 alarms that will help you prevent malfunctions and do the necessary maintenance at the right time.

    Integration and Connectivity

    USB port: an available port to make connectivity as easy as possible. Through this port you can update the firmware, download the machine use data, download the error messages and many other extra features that will help you keep your grinder in excellent conditions.

    Firmware configuration:  our machines have a connectivity channel designed for connection, for example, with the coffee machine. In this way, the machines can dialogue and correct the parameters to avoid errors during extraction.

    Training area

    Training area

    User portal: another area in which we worked to improve the user experience is training. By purchasing a Grindie you receive access to an online training portal with all the use and maintenance tutorials. This will be our main communication channel to send you Grindie firmware updates and news.

    Dealer portal: we have also created a training portal for retailers with a series of assistance tutorials, to be sure that your Grindie will always be in good hands no matter where you bought it.

    These are the reasons that ensure the consistency of the result in cup  over time.

    Because you can monitor the variables involved in the grinding process 

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