Intelligent weighing system

With Grindie you get the dose with the only parameter that guarantees constancy: weight. Thanks to our intelligent, integrated weighting scale, with continuous weighting and patentend self-learning system, accuracy is real.

Double Clump Crusher System

Clumping is a real nightmare for those looking for the perfect extraction. With the new Grindie Double Clump Crusher system you will always get a uniform ground, solving every channeling problem once and for all.

Touch screen with user profiles

With Grindie, you can lock all settings you’ve chosen with your personal user password. Thus, nobody will be able to alter them unintentionally, and you’ll be sure of a constant result in cup.

Noise absorption system

From now on, the annoyance of a noisy coffee grinder will no longer break the atmosphere of your shop: we have soundproofed our machines to keep quiet, whatever your style.

Continuous weighing system with self-learning. (Widen...)
With a degree of precision equal to + -0.1gr., Grindie weighs the dose both DURING the grinding and at the end of the process; a patented self-learning firmware guarantees accuracy and consistency.
Temperature control and cooling system (Widen ...)
Through a system of probes and fans, Grindie controls coffee temperature in terms of grinding and dispensing, keeping its aromas intact and enhancing the sensory profile.
Easy Maintenance Design (Widen ...)
Grindie has been designed to allow easy access to the most common maintenance operations; all of them can be carried out without opening the grinder body.
Motorized micrometric adjustment (Widen ...)
A light tap on touch screen activates the gearmotor connected to the grinders. A gesture is all it takes to reach the perfect grain size at any time of the day.
Automatic identification of portafilters (Widen ...)
Grindie automatically recognizes up to four different previously registered portafilters, and delivers the corresponding dose set in Settings without the need for any further user selection during the process.
USB for data download and firmware upgrade (Widen ...)
Through the supplied USB key, Grindie can be easily updated with the latest firmware version available. With the download function, instead, it is possible to download and send the machine data and the alarm list for a remote check-up.
Motor and grind burrs anti-block system (Widen ...)
A system of automatic procedures and alarms manages the motorized regulation of the grinder, prevents blockages caused by incorrect use and opens automatically the burrs in the event of excessive grip.
Burrs double replacement alarm (Widen ...)
You notice the wear of the grind burrs when granulometry starts to be irregular, generally throwing away a lot of coffee while waiting for replacement. With Grindie, the system warns you first by the means of two different alarm thresholds.
Bracket compatible with all types of portafilters (Widen...)
The bracket is adjustable both in relation to the distance from the delivery tube and to the height of the portafilter, making it universally valid for every brand and size, even for naked ones.
Guided cleaning process and automatic zero (Widen ...)
Grindie’s firmware guides the user through a standard cleaning procedure, and the gearmotor then brings back the grinders to the pre-set position by means of the automatic zero process.
Titanium coated burrs (Widen ...)
Whether they are traditional flat grind burrs or the special hybrid system with 4 burrs, the Red Speed titanium coating guarantees a uniform grain size up to 6 times the ground kilos with traditional burrs.
Touch display and user-friendly interface (Widen ...)
A high-quality equipment is useless without an excellent user experience: Grindie accompanies you at day long through a simple and attractive interface, as well as shortcuts in each screen to quickly switch from Work to Settings area and vice versa.

Technical data


Coffee grinder type

on demand electronic coffee grinder with integrated weighting system

Dose precision

+- 0,1 gr

Coffee beans container capacity

1,2 Kg


Available voltages

230V 50Hz – 220V 60Hz


900 at 50Hz – 1080 at 60Hz





Power supply


Sound control system

Shock absorbers and antivibration on motor and grinding chamber

Grind burrs


Flat – Hybrid (flat + conical)


Stainless steel with Red Speed titanium coating




motorized – micrometrical


Hybrid 10Kg/h at 50Hz, Planar 8,5Kg/h at 50Hz (particle size for espresso)


240 x 240 x 480h mm / 9,45 x 9,45 x 18,9 in


17Kg net

Portafilter support