Why Grindie?

How much time and coffee are you wasting?

How many hours are lost in the daily setting of the coffee grinder, also throwing away thousands of precious coffee beans? And how much time and coffee do you lose trying to maintain a consistent result in the cup?

Grindie is now a global community that no longer has trouble achieving a consistent result in the cup, nor wasting time or coffee in the daily setting phase.

This is because Grindie coffee grinders have made the variables of the grinding process constant: temperature, user experience, and the amount of ground coffee in the portafilter.

We are a large family of roasters and baristas who have found a reliable partner in their daily work: a coffee grinder that makes professional life easier.

The people in the Grindie family have stopped wasting time and coffee, forever. Discover how we do it!

Every day, millions of coffees are made, and most of them don’t fully express the potential of the blend used.

Often, the reason is very simple: the grinding process comes before the extraction. If the variables of this process are not properly managed, the whole operation can be ruined, no matter how expensive the blend or coffee machine is.

So, what can you do to get the best result in the cup and maintain excellence over time? We at Grindie have answered this question. The more variables are under control, the more consistent the result will be in the cup. This is the philosophy that guides Grindie.

To control the largest amount of variables during the grinding process, we have focused our attention on 4 specific areas.


User Experience




WEIGHING SYSTEM: The only parameter that can guarantee you the measurement of the dose is WEIGHT. With Grindie, you set the desired dose for each portafilter only once, then the coffee grinder will work with an accuracy of ± 0.1 gr. In this way, all human errors are eliminated, and the self-learning system will maintain a constant precision over time.

AUTOMATIC PORTAFILTER DETECTION: To avoid any human error, Grindie does the work for you. You position the portafilter on the support and the coffee grinder starts dosing the pre-set amount.

TEMPERATURE CONTROL: To preserve the coffee flavors as much as possible, our machines work at a controlled temperature, avoiding overheating of the coffee during grinding.

AUTOMATIC MICROMETRIC GRIND ADJUSTMENT: For maximum control, you can adjust the grinders by varying the distance of 5 μm (0.005 mm) at a time.


QUICK START: We know how boring and ineffective instruction manuals can be, so we have implemented a quick guide in our machines. Upon first use, essential steps to get the grinder up and running will be displayed.

USER PROFILE: To avoid any issues when multiple users are using the same machine and each one wants to customize the settings, Grindie has a three-level system. Once the parameters are set, only the owner of the password can change them.

GUIDED CLEANING PROCEDURE: Regular cleaning is essential for coffee grinders, but it is often skipped because it is not easy to do. To overcome this, Grindie has a guided cleaning procedure. This way, you will always have a perfect coffee grinder regardless of who performs the cleaning.

DESIGN FOR SIMPLIFIED MAINTENANCE: Routine maintenance should be simple. Our coffee grinder has been designed to allow the operator to complete ordinary operations without opening the body of the coffee grinder.

NOISE REDUCTION: Would you like to eliminate the annoying noise of the coffee grinder once and for all, so that your customers can enjoy a pleasant atmosphere? You will be surprised by how silent Grindie coffee grinders are.


CONNECTIVITY: Thanks to a USB port present in every Grindie grinder, connectivity is much simpler. Through this port, you can update the firmware, download usage data of the machine, download error messages, and many other extras that will keep your grinder in great condition.

ALLARMS: Grindie coffee grinders have up to 20 alarms to help prevent malfunctions and complete necessary maintenance at the right time.


USER PORTAL: By purchasing a Grindie coffee grinder, you will receive access to an online educational portal with all the tutorials for use and maintenance. Additionally, this will be the communication channel we use to send you firmware updates and news from Grindie.

DEALER PORTAL: We have also created a training portal for retailers with a series of support tutorials. This way we can ensure that your Grindie will always be in good hands regardless of where you purchased it.